EXPO Business Tips Vol. 1-4

Here are the new Business Tips videos from the EXPO event at Falcons Stadium 18th Nov. 2015


The Business Tips videos can be found here:

Thanks to everybody that was interviewed:

Andrew Charlton: www.northeastexpo.co.uk/
Karen Riley: www.odyssey-systems.co.uk/
Steve Erdall: www.kisscopy.co.uk/
Charlotte Rooke: www.rewardhealth.co.uk/
Andrew Griffiths: www.droneflight.co.uk/
Katie Twinn & Kerry Searle: www.design365.co.uk/
Tony Wainwright: www.whichlist2.com/
Nicky Francis: www.sja.org.uk/
Stuart McGivern: www.northeastautomotivealliance.com
Gemma Lonsdale: www.willow-hudson.co.uk/
Alan Cawthorne: www.q-laser.co.uk/
Alistair Sutherland: www.synthesis-it.co.uk/
SGT. Marc Reynolds: www.army.mod.uk/reme
David Luper: www.customsourcing.com/
Deborah Withycombe: www.accesstraining.org/
Dawn Moore: www.darlington.co.uk/
Chris Edmondson: www.amazoncourse.co.uk/


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